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Grell Sutcliff
[This is a RP account]
[Im sorry if I fail]


Grell, as Angelina's butler, is meek, bumbling and fairly ineffective at his job, ruining even simple things like tea and getting lost when driving a carriage. In the anime, this results in him staying at the Phantomhive manor to be trained by Sebastian, but his presence only serves to annoy and anger the entire Phantomhive household. Furthermore, whenever he messes something up, he has a tendency to overreact and attempts to commit suicide. Despite this, others only stop him when his suicide attempt would cause a large, bloody mess, and Sebastian informed him that he can kill himself off the Phantomhive premises, indicating a lack of friendship between himself and other servants. He would do this so often that after awhile even the Phantomhive servants gave up on trying to stop him, much to his surprise.

As a Shinigami though, he is over-the-top and flamboyant, with a tendency to use female nouns and pronouns when referring to himself. (Called onee kotoba, "big sister speech", this is a common affectation of gay and MTF transgendered people in Japan. ) He also has a tendency to put things in terms of theater, referring to Angelina's death as the falling of curtains on a theater act, and comparing his relationship with Sebastian to the famous play, Romeo and Juliet. He apparently has feelings for Sebastian, much to the latter's disgust and gives Sebastian the nickname "Sebby" in the manga and "Sebasu-chan" in the anime. Despite his overwhelming love for Sebastian, he seems well aware that Sebastian hates him as shown in episode 10 of Kuroshitsuji II. During their "tea date" Grell was very frightened and kept mentioning that although it was what he had always wanted, it didn't feel right.

Although Grell realizes that Sebastian does not return his affections and even finds them distasteful, he is so smitten that he allows the demon to take repeated advantage of him, willingly trading his assistance for small favors (such as Sebastian striking handsome poses for his camera) even when that assistance results in injury or embarrassment. Apparently he feels that any attention from Sebastian is better than none.

However, his affections are not limited to Sebastian, as he seems to find men, in general, attractive. For example, with William Spears, while he calls him a sadist, he seems enamored by his eyes, saying they send chills up his spine. He also hunts down Pluto, saying he made his hunk radar go off. In particular, he seems to favor those he deems immoral.

The other Shinigami, however, do not seem to be overly fond of him, as William constantly refers to him as "trash." Ronald Knox seems to like him though and looks up to him as a role model.

Grell's favorite favorite color is red, as he is described as the Shinigami in red by Angelina, commits the Jack the Ripper murders so he can paint "ugly" women red with their blood, and says ordinary women are not fit to wear the color. He also joined Angelina because he too wishes to be able to give birth, but is unable to since he is a man.

Grell has two distinctive personalities. Most of the time he is cheerful, if somewhat sadistic, with a playful flirtatious quality, and is usually seen whining about William or flirting with Sebastian. However, at any given time Grell can switch to a frightening and bloodthirsty persona who will do anything for the desired results. As shown in the third OVA when William stabbed him in the head twice, Grell didn't seem to care that there was blood gushing out of him and covering almost his entire face.

I cant wait to saw you up:

Hm, dont buck me, I cant stand you~ :

I dont know what to say about you..~ :
:iconteh-akatsuki-leader: Pein
:iconhaku-koroshi: Haku
:iconnnoitora-jiruga5: Nnoitra

Youre nice, I call you "friend" :
:iconprusatheawesome: Prussia
:iconcindy-jones-1788: Georgia

Youre cute~ <3:
:iconcastiel-plz: Castiel
:icondean-winchesterplz: Dean
:icongrimmjow-jjaques: grimmjow

Its not love, but its very close to that~ >3> :
:iconthedemonbutler: Sebby-chan~
:iconcheshire-cat-ph: Cheshire

"The One" :heart: :
:iconhaiku-kira-izuru: Izuru
yes, I understood...
here, as I stand here, with you in front of me, our lips melting together.. I finally understood.

I understood why this girl was fighting for you so hard.
I understood why she even risked her life.
And I understood why I couldnt let you go.
I understood why I wanted you so badly.
Here, in the moment our weapons blades crossed, I understood.

I understood that you are not weak.
I understood that you are not a toy.
I understood that you really care for me.
And in the moment you kissed me, I understood that I care for you aswell.

It was a long, hard and painful way for you and many other people but yes, yes Izuru Kira.. I understood.
I understood that I love you.

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